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Sunday, 1 March 2009

1st UK Flying

Today was a first for me!  I had my first flight in the UK and first flight at North Luffenham.  I flew an Ozone Atom for the first time and it was also the first time Lisa and the Kids had seen me fly.  North Luffenham is a great site, but it's deceptively busy.  Not only are the Paragliding/Paracending club (Sky Lincs) there but also a model flying club use the East end of the main runway and there is the biggest karting track I have ever seen on the centre strip.  Also the Cambridgeshire Gliding and Soaring Club operate from Wittering just over 9km East South East and there are quite a few low flying aircraft that buzz the site from time to time.  The Weather this morning was overcast, cold with light mist and almost no wind.  At around midday the cloud broke and the wind picked up after about an hour it was far too strong to winch the gliders and so the club reverted to towing the square wings.  These Grandfather wings scare the Hell out of me but I reckon I'll give it a go next time I go.  I managed to get 4 flights out of today but the other flyers seemed to be blighted by weak link failures and so only managed a few low level flights.  I think the kids enjoyed them selves but 6 hours of Parawaiting is too much I think so they'll probably only come to drop me off next time. 

 Thanks to Lisa for putting up with me and bless her she popped off home to fetch me some sandwiches and a flask of Coffee.  Well Ravey I'm not going to get 100 hours of flying in a year but it sure is fun to be back in the sky.