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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Hero in the making

Hi everyone,

Well I can't excite you with tales of high flying or dodgy landings today as the weather just hasn't been very good of late and though I have attempted to fly (2 days ago at Lefkara) my feet have not left the ground.

Now while this is very annoying I hear you all shout, it means I have been spending allot of time on the internet pricing up my next toy a Go Pro Helmet Hero 1080p camcorder.  I have looked all over the place and have finally conceded that the cheapest I can find it is through a deal which is set up between the CSCC and UK Airsports (Link above) which knocks £30 off the retail price.  If there are any CSCC members reading this, you too can make use of this very fine deal by first looking in the members chat area on the forum and finding the discount code.

frustratingly, Christmas is looming and my wife has not overlooked this.  She says that it is her present to me and I'm not allowed to see it before December 25th!
"But!" I tell her "If you don't let me have it before Christmas, then I won't be able to film the kids opening their gifts!"
"You've waited this long! you can wait another month" She says.

Adding to my frustration is the fact that Tim is very much in possession of his new Niviuk Hook2 and I have to say I very much like the look of it.  Tim was attempting to launch from Lefkara when I saw it but unfortunately Dave had launched 10 minutes previously and we were still feeling the effects of the power vacuum he left in his wake which ended up with the wind blowing from the back of the hill and killing any chance of us launching.  I on the other hand still haven't seen my new Hook 2 though it is now on its way from Spain to the UK.  I am very excited to see it and will probably try to bunk off work if necessary to go and get it.  I must think up some plausible reason why I need to be at Akrotiri that day!

Anyway, that is all of my news without going into family affairs so until next time Fly however makes you feel! but be careful!

Duds Out!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

No Glider, No Weather, No Fun, No Fly!

Well when I say no Glider what I mean is that my New Hook 2 is still yet to arrive from the UK and I'm dubious as to whether it has even left Spain! Maybe I'm just paranoid but it's been like 6 weeks easy and I feel like I'll never get it.
As you've all probably read, Tim has his which arrived about a week ago and looks pretty sweet in it's lovely Orange (Wire) with red tips.  He is really quite impressed with its look as am I if I must comment.  I only hope that mine will arrive in equally good order.  I plan to take it straight down the club to spread it out for the first time and admire it's Green (Spring) colour before taking it to Curium for a couple of "first hops" type flights just to get a feel for it.  Then I'm off new places with Slovenia in Apr and then who knows where?
So all in all I am a little Green with envy of Tim at the moment and my only consolation is that Tim has yet to find a flyable work/weather window to test his beloved new wing! and that makes me happy!  So amazingly happy in fact that I'm actually feeling pleased that he is not enjoying it.  I know that's not a very kindly or friendly manner to carry myself in but I just can't help it!  He has his toy and I'm lacking in that department!
Well no you know why I haven't posted to this blog for a while I'll sign off!

I'm hoping to fly on Thursday and I'm hoping it'll be at Avdellaro with friends as this hill seems to be the where the wind is blowing.

See you later!