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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Snatched Chance

Today was a little hectic starting with a drive to Akrotiri in order that I could sign out 2 gliders from the store to Mick and Henry or the Army Air corps band.  I also had in mind that later I had promised the twins I'd take them to buy new Tennis rackets and even play with them for a while on the court.  With this in mind I quickly sorted out the two gliders with surprising ease.  2 Alphas and Charlie Harness'.  Mick could not be there due to being locked out of his room after letting the door close behind him on his way to the shower! School boy error in my opinion but also very funny to think of him wrapped in his towel screaming at the door to open!
Once the gliders had been issued I swung past Curium to see if it was flyable and to my joy Halsey was already in the air and climbing.  I hung around for a couple of minutes as is my way.  I like to get a rough idea of what the air is doing in my mind before I fly.  Then I took a walk to the sandpit as there were a few strongish gusts passing through on the top but nothing I was worried about.
In the sandpit the wind was far more palatable, and I took off in a very sandpit manner, dragging my backside in the sand for a few moments whilst I steadied the wing.  Once I could get my feet down again, I was off and the lift was strong and steady almost everywhere I went.  I immediately flew over to the stables and then out over the sea with relative ease.  I managed to return to the hill at launch height and then headed to top launch where the lift was strongest.  Up I went flying nicely alongside Halsey for a little while.

After about 15 minutes I could see that the sea was just beginning to white cap and so I decided that I would need to land soon.  I stayed up a while longer keeping my eye on the sea and after another 15 minutes I was on the beach and spent 5 minutes ground handling for the tourists before packing away and yomping back to the top.  Another 33 minutes for my log!


raveydv said...

Sweet! I am so relieved to see that ONE of us is flying, not doing my part over here I'm afraid, but will need to get out sometime soon. Tight lines bud!!

raveydv said...

Also.. loving the feet up take off lol! Halsey looks very much more relaxed in your photo here! Send my regards!

Dudley Walker said...

Next time I see him I will give him your regards. Balders wants to know if it's a dead cert that you're coming here? I told him that you were thinking more like February. You'll hate it here!

raveydv said...

You're just reading this now? OMG!

Balders? Jesus, don't let HIM hear you call him that! I thought he shook that off years ago.

I do believe you are correct on the final point, but absolutely no chance I'll hate it as much as I do HERE!