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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ok so I'm not the best blogger in the world.  I understand this, but some people will insist that I sit down, away from my wife and kids and type something about the proceeds of the day!  Honestly, it's like being back at school or something!
As you're probably all aware, I haven't blogged for over six months!  The reason behind this is that I have been at work in Afghanistan and slumped into a little depression which I am now attempting to drag myself out of.  I'm doing this by spending time with the wife and kids obviously! but also on the side I have a dark mistress, she is always tempting me away from them, calling like a cool beer in the fridge.  Oh the anticipation I just can't stand it! and I often sneak out to give her a little visit! I call her Nivs! and she takes me to heights that I otherwise couldn't imagine.
Well the last few weeks I have been trying to reach these heights, but something just isn't right with the world.  I'm not sure what it is but it's interfering and I don't like it one bit!  Gone are the days when you could fly for hours on end and now all you get is 20 minutes here and 30 minutes there! it's awful.  I stole five minutes in the sky whilst on R&R on May.  Since I returned the weather has not been kind.  Yes it's hot and sunny, and I can have a few cool beers on the beech but this just isn't enough!  I need the wind to be right too.  Sod the beer!  If I could drop on Curium or even one of the other sites on this island on just the right day I would be chuffed to death!  I mean, I wouldn't die or anything but a day when I have just happened upon a hill and it was perfect to fly and I had my glider with me is so far distant in my mind I struggle to recall.
Well I suppose I better get on with today then.  I left home this morning expecting Curium to have a reasonable wind direction and strength.  But as I was filling up my car with fuel in Erimi, Pete Fuller texted me and informed me that it was pants and that he and Christakis were off to Dora!
"Hmmmm...... Dora?" I thought. "Not been there for a while!"
I replied stating where I was and that I would be there in a few minutes.
On the top the wind was South Westerly ish.  There just wasn't any lift in it.  Not even enough to lift the wind sock beyond 90 degrees from vertical.  I mean there was plenty of wind, just none of it was rising!  weird!  Curium has been doing this a lot lately.  People take off on what seems a perfectly flyable day and end up at the bottom in moments.  Well I watched a few of chris' studes go to the bottom and though OK Dora it is!   We left and 20 minutes later I was at the top of Dora! a beautiful site, only it was suffering cross wind a little.  This worried me a little! but Christakis said he would wind dummy and radio his findings!  He had quite a nice flight however the earlier minutes seem a little fraught and he was getting jostled about quite a bit.  He covered it nicely and we on the ground really didn't notice and were just thinking "Hmmmm.. Maybe I should get my kit." however I had doubts, I have recently purchased a new harness, and not too soon either! my old Charlie tube has about 2 hours life left in it before it goes on the bonfire!  or maybe I will rescue it and build a chair out of it.  Who knows?  Well there are a few minor issues with it, which mean I can't (Won't) sell it on to anyone else.  Nothing Serious! trust me I'm not that stupid! Well if you must know I trod on the chest strap about a year ago and split the plastic clip Ooops!  Well it still works and has not opened so far on it's own!  Also, I noticed one of the plastic inserts of the SIL (Single In Line) pins (the bit that rests inside the riser loops) is missing!  I think I must have lost it in May as I'd never noticed it gone before and I always check them before my flights.  Well this one is the one that gives me the most worry.  I know it's easily repaired but out here every repair takes three to five weeks delivery and I'm buggered If I'm waiting that long.  I have taped over the metal so that it doesn't chaff on the riser.  It's only a couple more flights and I will check the loop before each flight.  If it shows any sign of wear I'll have to call it a day!
Well anyway, I didn't fly due to the turbulence and Pete didn't feel the love either so we elected to return to Curium where we at least had a chance of a top to bottom without an horrendous walk back to launch.  By the time we arrived back the wind was a little stronger but really not much!  I was debating weather it was worth it at all but decided that three hours driving is worth one top to bottom and that is what I got! I 20 minute top to bottom.  I hope this little blurb suffices of a while!  you can find my track logs here and if you are friends with me on Facebook then you can see my only photos of the day!


Ombit said...

Well done on writing a blog Dudley!

I'm with you on one thing, the weather here is being particularly odd.

Hopefully soon.

raveydv said...

Nice to hear from you Obi Wan!